These webinars were offered free of charge to anyone working with First Nations, Métis or Inuit populations. and recorded future use.

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Improve Your Fund Seeking Skills

Tues. Feb. 12th 2013 1pm EST

Learn things that you can do to improve your chances at receiving consistent funding. Evaluate your own strengths and get tips on how to think outside the box.

Bridging The Silos In Aboriginal Communities

Tues. Feb. 26th 2013 - 1pm EST

Explore a model where all departments are working together for the greater good of the youth of the community and learn some of the things you can do to start the same process in your own community.

Creating Links Between Elders And Youth

Tues. Mar. 12th 2013 - 1pm EST

Our youth are our resources; our Elders are our resources; let's discover ways to bring these two back together for the benefit of our communities.

How To Collaborate With Other Communities / Organizations

Tues. Mar. 26th 2013 - 1pm EST

We are stronger together, so let's take the time to learn how we can pool resources and collaborate with others to achieve our goals.

Improving Our Workplace With Cultural Teachings

Tues. Apr. 9th 2013 - 1pm EST

We are only as strong as our Leaders. Acquire the skills needed to influence positive change in your environment through cultural teachings. Working on our own journey influences positive change in our outer environment.

Steps To Build Community Driven Projects

Tues. Apr. 23rd 2013 - 1pm EST

Learn how one woman started a school in her community that involved the parents in every step of their child's education. Getting parents to work together is something that could benefit every community regardless of the project.

How To Engage The People Who Need Recreation The Most

Tues. May 7th 2013 - 1pm EST

Discover how to generate interest and get the people who need recreation the most to start participating into programs. Learn how to break the barriers of your own creative thinking to get the results you want.

Incorporating Culture Into Recreation

Tues. May 21st 2013 - 1pm EST

It's time to bring some of the cultural teachings back into our daily lives, from our children to our Elders, everyone can benefit from this practice and what better way than through recreation? Get some ideas from this Webinar that you can apply to your programming.